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Karen Thomas portrait, owner of Spray and Sun tanning store.

Hi, and thanks for visiting Spray & Sun! My name is Karen and I started Spray & Sun 5 years ago from my home in Apopka, Florida, outside of Orlando. I was working as an interior decorator, but had a lot of bills and started looking for ways to make some extra money on the side. As it turned out, I had a spare room in my house that I wasn't really using for anything except storage.

I'd heard about a woman who had started a spray tanning business from an extra room in her home, so decided I might give that a try. Using my interior decorating skills, I fixed up the room into a lovely studio. I started with a few customers from my neighborhood, but it wasn't long before I was making more money with the spray tanning than I was doing the interior decorating. I loved the business because people would always leave happy and looking great (not to mention the great conversations).

I wanted to expand my tanning business but wasn't sure how.

Then I remembered that when I was ready to buy the spray tanning equipment, I had a hard time finding what I wanted and at a reasonable price. So I thought, 'why not start an online store catering to people just like me?' So that's what I did, and over the years I built up this business to what it is today. I now offer tanning beds for home and commercial use, as well as a wide variety of spray tanning equipment and accessories--at the best possible prices.

**Spray & Sun has also teamed up with one of the nation's leading finance companies--TimePayment Inc.--to offer you affordable payment options and make your favorite items available today!

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Spray & Sun is a Miami-based Authorized Dealer & Reseller. Spray & Sun is fully permitted by the State of Florida (city, county, state registrations). W-9 available for institutional purchasers.