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MaxiMist Spraymate Plus Pro Tan w Tent (1 Maximister & 1 Pro Spraygun)

MaxiMist Spraymate Plus Pro Tan w Tent (1 Maximister & 1 Pro Spraygun)

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The MaxiMist™ Spraymate Plus Pro is the recommended unit for the budget conscious mobile tech or salon, who wants a small footprint unit with “Big Sized” Performance.

This units provides the MaxiMist Metal Progun, and a MaxiMister Standard Back-up Gun together in one package.


  • Powerful 500 Watt Turbine , 110v, 65 cfm airflow, includes power cord
  • lighted power rocker switch with water restive safety cover.
  • Compact footprint for Mobile use (12 x 8 x8), 4 lbs
  • Quiet Whisper Tuned housing provided for low noise level. With gun attached: approximately 65 DB, equivalent to street traffic (quieter then human conversation)
  • Rated for 25+ applications a day (150 plus a week)
  • Easy access filter for simple maintenance
  • 12ft/3.5m EZ Flex reinforced hose with  EZ Quick Connection spraygun attachment
  • 1 Standard Maxi Mister Spraygun with 8 oz/250ml Cup (no lid)
  • Needle Size : Stainless Steel .05 needle and tip
  • 1 Maximist Metal Progun with 8 oz/250ml Cup (no lid)
  • 6 extra cups with leak-proof lids (8 oz each) – 3 per gun
  • On Board Spray Gun Storage well
  • EZ Lift Hidden Interior handles
  • 6 replacement Spray Gun Cup Gaskets (spare parts pack)
  • 2 Pickup Tube (spare parts pack)
  • 2 Gland Seal (spare parts pack)
  • 2 Needle Spring (spare parts pack)
  • Extra Turbine Filter (spare parts pack)
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • 2 year  turbine warranty (failure)
  • solution samples above
  • Popup Tanning Tent with Carry Bag (30 day warranty one time replacement)
  • Model: ST610 Plus

The Turbine Powerhouse:

The MaxiMist™ Spraymate Pro features a powerful 500 watt Turbine motor, paired with an easy to manage medium weight MaxiMister Spray Gun. The Stainless steel spray nozzle is designed to maximize solution atomization, while providing the least amount of over spray possible. With some simple adjustments, you can easily spray any brand solution line, even those with differing thickness!

The perfect lightweight mobile unit, with a small footprint for easy storage. Compact size, 12 x 8 x 8, and weighing in at 4 lbs. Its small size does not scrimp on power, providing a powerful 65 cfm of high speed airflow to deliver the spray performance the Pros demand.

Onboard spraygun storage well, for easy gun parking. Holds ether the Pro or Standard gun packed with this unit.

Inset carry handle pockets for easy grip, even with gloved or damp hands. Light up Rocker power switch is covered with a water resistive plastic cover to protect switch from spills and drips.


Easy to access inset filter helps keep turbine motor clean to provide years of performance. Just flip unit over, lift up safety cover, remove filter. Rinse, dry and reuse. (one extra is also in the included spare parts kit)

Maximister Spraygun:

The MaxiMist™ Maximister Spray Gun is super simple to use, with an easy to handle long length ergonomic grip with comfort-grip. Quick Connection attachment for secure attachment, that eliminates Spraygun Blow Off!

Perfectly weighted with a solid feel in the hand, to provide an easy firm secure grip.

Easy To Use Adjustments:

Simple air flow adjustment, allow you to precisely control the spray flow and will apply any tanning solution with precision. Thin or Thick blends will apply smoothly and evenly.

Front Gun Easy Click adjustments for spray pattern selection, for vertical or horizontal techniques. This allows you to select the spray pattern to fit your method and spray style. (front gun pattern adjustments pictured below)

Horizontal Technique (Spraying Left to Right)             Vertical Technique (Spraying Up & Down)



MaxiMist Metal Progun:

The MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun is extremely lightweight compared to other Pro type spray guns. The entire gun is made with Lightweight Air Craft Grade Aluminum providing many years of service with ease of care.

The MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun is combined with a .05 mm Stainless Steel tip and needle assembly that provides unparalleled Tanning Solution atomization giving a flawless application with the least amount of over spray.

The MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun also features a Duck Bill to control solution back flow instead of the standard check valve. Check valves clog easily and cause many spray guns to simply not spray. Our unique Duck Bill eliminates this issue forever.

No Check Valve

With a Cool Grip ergonomic handle the MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun is simply a pleasure to use.

Cool Grip Handle

Easy To Use Adjustments:

Simple adjustments for both spray pattern width as well as vertical and horizontal techniques and air flow allow you to precisely control the spray pattern to fit your method and will apply any tanning solution with flawless precision.

(image representation only, actual gun may vary slightly in appearance/color/style details)


Horizontal Technique (Spraying Left to Right)             Vertical Technique (Spraying Up & Down)


The MaxiMist™ Pro Series Spray Gun features an EZ Flip adjustment knob that allows you to quickly dial into “Airbrush” mode for touch ups and contouring.

Airbrush Mode


gun-settings3Airbrush Mode

gun-settings4  Standard Mode


 Airbrush Mode sprays in a small Round Pattern for Contouring, Touch ups, and edging Bikini Lines



Stainless Steel Needle and tip:

The Maximister gun holds a .05mm Stainless Steel  tip and needle for optimal atomization with any brand of professional spray tanning solution. Adjust the airflow for your solutions thickness, and you are ready to spray. Beginner friendly design makes this easy to use for the novice, to the expert, yet provides a Professional Spray Tan finish from head to toe.  Can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning.


Each unit comes with one long length, low fatigue, 12 foot reinforced flexible hose. Twist and lock hose into turbine base. EZ Connect Quick Connect Connector Locks Spray gun into hose. No more hose blow offs! Yet can be easily removed.

To Blow dry your client, simply remove the spraygun, and blow a large stream of air for a Speed Dry Finish.


Extra Cups with Lids

Packaged with six 8 oz cups, and lids, allowing easy solution changes for the Mobile Tech on the go. Translucent cups to allow easy solution view inside the cup. (three per each spraygun)

Spare Parts Package:

Also included is the spare parts kit free, this includes the most commonly needed items for any gun rebuild. Keeps your guns running in tip top condition.

  • 2 Solution Pickup Tubes
  • Duckbill with attachment clip
  • Air flow tube
  • 6 Spray Gun Cup Gaskets
  • 2 Spray gun gland seal
  • 2 needle spring
  • 1 extra turbine filter
  • Cleaning brush
  • Wrench Tool (progun)
  • Wrench tool with handle bar (standard gun)
  • Lube Oil




Simply put, if you’re looking for performance on a budget, The MaxiMist™ delivers without compromise




Free Solution Pack:

Also included, a generous sampling of our most popular Airbrush Tanning Solution Blends, in the most popular medium depths.

We include 8oz each of our:

  • Tan ExtraordinAire 8%
  • Veneto 8%
  • Tanfastic 8.5%
  • Revive 9%
  • TanEnvy 9.5%
  • Aussie Bronze 10%
  • Natural Tan 10%
  • Rapid Tan (shower off to regulate color depth)
  • CYA Skin Prep spray
  • MaxiClean Spray Gun Cleaner
  • Barrier cream
  • vegan, not animal tested
  • paraben and gluten free solutions
  • natural organic ingredients in every bottle
  • manufactured and formulated by Tampa Bay Tan

(image representation only, actual bottle or label design may vary in appearance/color/style details)

Solutions stored at room temperature should be kept cool, not exposed to heat, air, UV Light or fluctuating temperatures. Consume fully within 90 days or less from purchase date. Refrigerated storage recommended for optimal performance, use within 4-6 moths. Solutions and cosmetic pack included as a complimentary no cost add-on. Cannot be exchanged, swapped for alternate or returned.




(Tent Color Choice)

Pop Up Tan Tent


  • 4x4x7, 8 lbs, 6.5 ft door opening, , 20×20 fan opening rear
  • Velcro closures, no broken zippers
  • Heavy Weight, stain resistive clear solid vinyl top
  • 210D Thick, waterproof materials, waterproof floor
  • Easy Rinse Clean with garden hose, and mild cleanser
  • Low Memory Spring steal frame, for easy collapsed coil folding/popup design
  • 30 day warranty (limited)

They say that you can’t find what you need if you want it to be fast, good, and affordable. Something always has to give, right? At Spray & Sun, it has been our mission since day one to prove this old saying wrong.

We work with manufacturers of the highest quality spray and sun tanning equipment and tools to get discount prices on everything we sell. We then pass those savings on to you, so that you can build your tanning salon, in-home tanning room, or any other tanning location without breaking the bank. Spray & Sun was founded by Karen, who started the business after first owning her own spray tan salon. With her expertise steering the whole operation, our carefully trained staff pays close attention to every product on our shelves. If it’s not of the best quality, we won’t sell it. 

That’s the good and the affordable, but what about the fast?

This is where many other companies fail, which means we double our efforts here. Our customer service team is available 24/7 so that you can get instant answers to any question you may have. You can contact Karen directly to receive a response in just a few short hours, and we offer super-fast shipping so that you aren’t left waiting.

Our theory is that by bringing you products that are good, affordable, and fast, we can move beyond simply selling you a product. We’re here to form an ongoing relationship with your business, and we know that in order to maintain your loyalty, we have to continue to offer competitive prices, fast service, and quality goods. That’s why in over five years of operation, our business has never once dropped the ball on these goals. Check out our Best Price Guarantee to see one way that we are honoring that commitment.

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Cosmetic/Feature Change Disclaimer

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All manufacturer beds and booths are sold with this understanding, and all customers who purchase online, via any channel, purchase with this understanding and acceptance. All cosmetic changes, if any, are minor and do not affect tanning performance.

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Examples of damage to a box are: rips, holes, crush, dings, etc. 

If the box/package looks OK but you feel the item within may be damaged:

  • Note "possible concealed damaged"

In the event the damage is concealed (meaning the box looks good but the item within is damaged)--DO NOT THROW THE BOX AWAY and take pictures of the box as well as the product. 

  • Disposing of the box at any point or not following the above procedures annuls our ability to process refunds and replacements.
  • Insurance/manufacturers require photographs of both the box (all sides) and the product.

It is very important that any damage or shortages are:

  • Reported within five calendar days of receipt of the merchandise, due to carrier insurance regulations and rules.
  • If the concealed damage is cosmetic only, we reserve the right to first attempt to repair the unit as new with a part or professional assistance. 

In order to receive an immediate refund or replacement for concealed damage:

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  • Replacement bulbs are final sale and non returnable.

For those items that are non-returnable but arrive damaged, we will promptly provide a replacement at absolutely no cost to you pursuant to our Shipping & Returns Policy.

Because we cannot sell used items, ALL RETURNS MUST BE IN NEW AND UNUSED CONDITION, including original packaging (please do not use, assemble, or modify the product in any way).



LED Technologies: ReVive/DPL Product Manufacturer Policy

All Revive/DPL products are final sale and non-returnable.

MaxiMist/Tampa Bay Tan Product Manufacturer Policy

  • All Spray Tan Equipment (Spray Units) 14 day return policy; after that 25% restocking fee applies. Customer is responsible for shipping costs both ways.
  • All Spray Tanning Solutions, Skin care or Prep items, Cosmetics, Equipment Cleaners: NOT eligible for return, opened or unopened.

Because we cannot sell used, ALL RETURNS MUST BE IN NEW AND UNUSED condition, including original packaging (please do not assemble or modify the product in any way). 

Norvell Product Manufacturer Policy

  • 30 days return policy, after that 15% restocking fee applies (up to 90 days). Customer is responsible for shipping costs both ways.

Because we cannot sell used items, ALL RETURNS MUST BE IN NEW AND UNUSED CONDITION, including original packaging (please do not use, assemble, or modify the product in any way). No returns on any used goods or tanning solutions.

Shipping Insurance

Spray & Sun provides complimentary shipping insurance with all orders; we want your foosball table to be fully insured and protected while in transit. Shipping insurance allows a merchant to replace or refund an order that suffers damage due to shipping, at no cost to the buyer.

By accepting a damaged box and signing for it in "good condition", however, a customer acknowledge they wish to receive the order as is and cancel the right to any refund or replacement. Any box visibly damaged during shipping may indicate a damaged item within. This means a customer should always notate the damage to a box or item on the delivery bill, otherwise insurance cannot be filed and refunds/replacements cannot be made. We know this is pretty straight-forward, but we are required to disclose it! :) 

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If you choose another type of delivery (such as Front Door Delivery), please retain the email confirming any alternate delivery method for your records. For your protection and peace of mind, any guarantee is only provided in writing and never verbally.

It is important to note that some deliveries may incur additional costs due to remote / hard to access / limited access locations. Although rare, we will promptly let you know if this is the case so that you may choose whether or not to proceed with the shipment.

What is Front Door/Garage Delivery?

When this service is requested on a shipment going to a business, the carrier will take the freight into the storefront for delivery. On a residential delivery, the carrier will take the shipment onto the property, or into the garage of the residence. They will not necessarily deliver inside the front door, but rather at the front door. Please note this is the case with any shipment from any company and is a carrier policy, not our own.

When a driver delivers to a specific room in a house or business (for example a basement or 2nd floor), the requested service is known as White Glove service. Since this is very time consuming, only specific shipping companies offer white glove service. If you require white glove service, please let us know.

Not all white glove quotes will be the same, since not all home deliveries are the same. Number of stairs, corridors, etc may require a different quote and we will let you know if this is the case.

Storage Fees & Delays

It is understood that by placing an order you are ready to accept immediate delivery of the merchandise. Should you need the merchandise to arrive on a specific date, this date must be relayed when you place your order.

If your order ships and you choose to delay delivery, the shipping company unfortunately reserves the right by law to return your merchandise to the manufacturer, or charge you storage fees. Generally, shipping companies will not allow your item to be stored on premises--for insurances reasons--for longer than 3-5 business days.

  • If they return your merchandise to the manufacturer, you will be responsible for shipping both ways, as well as all restocking fees. Please note these are substantial for tanning beds so do not delay shipments for your own sake.
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  • If the shipping company chooses to retain the item on premises and charge you shipping fees, you agree to pay such fees in full prior to the delivery of the merchandise.

In essence, please do not delay delivery of the merchandise, as shipping companies have very little flexibility due to legal and insurance restraints. You will be responsible for all costs associated with self-imposed delays.


Color & Appearance Disclaimer

All tanning beds and accessories purchased are represented on our site in as best a color scheme/description as possible, based on information relayed to us by the manufacturer.

PLEASE NOTE: the manufacturer reserves the right to make reasonable adjustments or substitutions at their discretion for refinements that improve the quality, appearance and performance of the product.

Is Free Shipping Offered Everywhere in the US?

Much as we strive to offer absolutely free shipping during our promotional periods, there are some locations where we cannot offer free shipping. These are usually states such as Hawaii and Alaska, but not limited to these, as well as locations with restricted access (ie islands, heavy metro areas, hotels), rural areas and neighborhoods, or locations which a carrier may deem remote or difficult to get to. Coast-to-coast shipping may not be covered under our free shipping policy, as we strive to obtain the fastest route to prevent item breakage and deliver exceptional customer satisfaction. 

If you feel you are in such a location, please feel free to contact us to make sure. We will still provide a credit for shipping in these instances. If you place an order and we find that you are in such an area, we will immediately contact you with all available options.

In the event free shipping is not available for a certain item, this will be clearly listed on the product page.

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  • The guarantee includes the total price of both item and shipping charges

  • QuadPay or TimePayment transactions are not eligible

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